Monday, April 7, 2008

Digging Holes for Tulips

Today was a Monday. On Mondays we play clean-up from our busy, family fun filled weekends. We scrub the sinks and bath tub. The beds are stripped and their linens changed. A gathering of clothing, rugs, towels, and dog pillows are tossed in the washer. Floors are swept, counters wiped clean, food shopping list updated. Lunch was prepared and eaten, and then our blessed nap/free time occurred. Once Hugo awoke we heard the yard calling our names, pulled on our boots and headed outdoors.

I have spring time bulbs, which never made it in the ground last fall, stored away in a cool closet. They survived the winter in their plastic wrap and boxes. Their skins have broken open and a sprout is poking out, searching for the sun. Today is the day when they will be buried in the earth. Now how to distract Hugo? At first, he enjoyed being a big helper. He likes to carry tools and ride in the wheel barrow. We have been working on team work, we've also been watching a lot of Wonder Pets. Our lesson in team work today was that I dug the hole in the soil and Hugo got to drop the bulb into the hole. Then I was to turn the bulb right side up and together, we covered up the hole with the displaced soil. It was great fun and lasted all of about four bulbs and then Hugo was finished. Moving on. Trampling every baby plant rising up out of the soil which was in his path as he bee lined for a bright yellow softball hiding in the grass.

As I continued to work with the bulbs, Hugo went exploring. I could see him criss crossing the yard in his camo boots and blue hoodie. For a time, he played on the wooden horse and his bike. Climbed up and down, and up and down the stairs on the stump of an old pine tree trunk which Cesar just sliced up with his chainsaw. He ate popcorn and drank his milk while seated at his miniature picnic table watching me dig my holes. Every now and again, as I looked up in search of him, I realized he had vanished. He was quickly located and brought back into my view. I am thinking of stitching bells into his clothing, lots of them. But the more holes I dug the more lazy my thoughts became and the less often I searched for Mr Hugo. I could hear him talking in his sing song, gibberish way near the back door. He sounded content and what could he get into over there? So I continued digging my holes, all the while weeding as I crept along. Out the corner of my eye I noticed Hugo walking toward the shed and then dragging an orange bucket back across the yard to our doorway. What could he be up to? I chose to continue with my holes, weeds and daydreams. Once more Hugo headed out over the grass toward the shed. This trip brought back a blue bucket to the doorway. He was obviously on a mission and had a plan in mind. No teamwork needed, it was a one man operation. This got me out of my warm, sunlit daydream, and fast. I had to know what he was up to. Well, Hugo decided that the remaining rock salt just didn't need to live in the crock next to the door any longer. He must have been thinking, "It's warm out now, right?" He was enjoying reaching deep down into the crock to gather up the remnants of salt in his grimy little hands and flinging it as hard and fast as he possibly could at our door. I watched for a bit, kinda stunned. He was very happy tossing that salt. He was almost mesmerized by how the rock salt would then bounce and dance across the brick threshold and entryway that leads to our door, not noticing me at all. So, if any family members are reading this blog of mine and were considering purchasing a birthday gift for our fair little one, don't bother. Just send your unused rock salt our way and we'll have fun all summer long! Thank you.

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