Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Afternoon Outdoors

Hugo and I marched like toy soldiers around the yard this afternoon. I have been reading to him an updated version of The Little Engine that Could. The artist included an adorable toy soldier which you kinda have to look for in the train. Hugo recently spied the soldier and has been attracted to him ever since. Something new. Usually he is content pointing out the balls, the cow, the giraffes, the elephant and the different trains, all the while making a "Whooo, whoooooo " sound. By the way, that is for the trains. So now, we point out and make the sounds and/or actions for the balls, the cow, the giraffes, the elephant, the different trains, the toy soldier and oh yeah, an ice cream cone. He hasn't even had an ice cream cone yet! So I wonder why he is drawn to it in this book? How does he know that the ice cream cone could possibly be tasty, or is it just the semi-ball shape that he is into? I'm beginning to think they arrive on earth preprogrammed knowing all about sweets. Candy colors, shapes and fun packaging - Hugo has it all figured out.

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