Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Early this morning we rose and down the stairs we went. We hurried and opened the door for Rodrigo and Bella, they quickly raced outside. They barked themselves silly at who knows what. Hugo and I ate our Cheerios, fruit and chocolate milk. Normally I would turn on cartoons for him to watch but not today. I don't know why I didn't. I was busy. We had a playdate scheduled and I had volunteered to help with lunch plans. So, I was boiling eggs, for egg salad, and mixing up biscuits for shortcake when I spied Hugo out the corner of my eye. Something blue was smeared from ear to ear. At first I thought he had found some magic markers. I dropped my wooden spoon and took a closer look. He had found his Easter basket, hidden away and forgotten about by me, in a kitchen cabinet. I hadn't worried when he wanted to play with it because I believed it to be empty. It did hold grass and plastic eggs. I think there were even a few glitter insects left inside but no candy. Well, of course,
Hugo discovered a few malted robbin eggs hidden away amongst the grass in the basket. He was quite pleased with himself! His impish grin reminded me of Max from the cartoon Max & Ruby which Hugo loves so much.


amy said...

Look at that mug. How adorable.

Millie Price said...

we had to chuckle at your photos and play by play action. we've had a few encounters like this too, great photo opps!