Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yard Play and Work

Saturday is Fun With Papa Day. The weather man predicted a cold and rainy day but instead we had beautiful sunshine and warmth. We exited the house all dressed in sweaters and coats to find out just how over dressed we were. Back inside I went to retrieve simple shirts for us all. I couldn't resist dressing Hugo up in his HBA sweater one last time. In the photos his exposed wrists and no longer fitting shoulders are plain to see!

Hugo loves to follow Cesar around the yard. Doesn't matter what he might be doing, all is interesting to our young Hugo. Today they packed up the garbage and recycling into the back of the truck. Off we three rode together to the dump. I'm not sure why, but I love to ride along in the truck on dump run days. Maybe because it brings back memories of dump runs with my Father when I was a little girl in California. He would always stop at a gas station and let us choose a treat for ourselves. My brother Joshua and I would almost always pick out Big League Chew. We loved the stuff. I can still smell the almost overpowering scent of those massive piles of trash. I can hear the sea gulls crying out as they flew so close above our heads. And I can still see the yellow tractors pushing those massive heaps of trash up one garbage pile and down the next. It seemed as if the dump went on forever. Most of all, I remember how loved I felt in the presence of my Father.

This is my wish for Hugo. To continue to have opportunities of play and work with his Papa. And that he may always have a desire to follow Cesar around no matter what he may be doing.


Millie Price said...

I love this post! I only have faint memories of going to the dump myself, but it makes me laugh! Hugo is so cute sitting in the back of Cesar's trailer! Wish we lived closer.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Thanks for leaving comments Millie! I left out from the post that on these dump runs was when Dad first introduced us to Near Beer. One of these trips he was able to find it in a bottle and we received a lecture on the benefits of bottles vs. cans. I never liked the taste, I drank it to be cool for Dad. Pretty silly. I find it interesting in myself that I could have cared less about drinking with my friends in high school but at such a young age I so wanted to please Dad.