Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain, Rain and More Rain

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. I realize that it's spring but we have had a lot of rain lately. Seems as though it has rained about every other day for the past two weeks. The earth is loving it. My garden is coming alive with crocus, daffodils, tulips, pansies, johnny jump ups, iris, and the forsythia is budding. I need to divide and transplant flower beds this year but some sunshine would sure make the job much more enjoyable.

Hugo's birthday is around the corner and we would like to have a bar-b-que for our family and friends. I had been intending on delaying the festivities for a week or two in hopes of better weather. Two nights ago Cesar suggested that we host the party next weekend because his weekend looks free. I love the fact that his weekend looks free but now I feel a bit in panic mode that I wont be able to do all that I had in mind. Hugo is only going to be two, I wasn't planning on going crazy, promise. There are just a few details that I would like to make special, the invitation being one of them. My sister Millie gave me an idea for a circus tent invite. It even has a little, removable "admit one" ticket in a pocket on the front of the tent. I hope I can make the cake. It is a lion and the idea comes from Martha Stewart online. So cute, cute! And Hugo loves to roar like a fierce lion! We like to make little claw motions too. I could still make the invites this weekend but then our friends wont have any response time. Only show up and eat time ... if they don't already have plans.


By Myself said...

Hey Alissa!
well, i speak english! so thank you for the praise! what I wrote under the pictures was only how and where it were taken

I also liked your pictures, it has the same style of mine!=)


Millie Price said...

hey, great job on the garden pic. it was thoughtful the way you captured the droplets of rain...almost looks like it belongs underwater or in a fish tank! I love the varying color that you can capture outdoors!