Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hugo Left a Clue

This is what I found when I went in search of my son late this evening.

After putting Hugo down for the night I received a phone call. So there I sat on the couch chatting away knowing that my son was sweetly sleeping in his bedroom. Take a wild guess who appeared in the doorway? Hugo. All smiles with his shoosha plugged in and clutching the knitted artifact which used to be his baby blanket tightly to his chest. His eyes were all blinky from adjusting to the light in the room as he spied me starring at him. I covered the mouthpiece on the phone and told him to get his bottom back in bed. He smiled at me. I didn't have the energy to fight with him so I let him stand there for a few more minutes. Then I made eye contact and pointed in the direction of his room and said, "March!" He smiled at me again. So, I again chose to ignore him for a bit and continued to chatt away. When I next looked up he was gone from view. I kept right on chatting up a storm on my telephone while sitting on the couch. A long while later, and after the phone call had ended, I was still sitting on the couch. I was trying to decide if I wanted to turn the television on in search of a movie or did I want to knit, or should I play a favorite, loved movie which would allow me to knit with little viewing interruption needed? Then I wondered where was Hugo and what had he decided to do? I have told him to "March" back to bed many an evening before and it has never worked. Had I finally succeeded? Had he actually listened and followed through with climbing back into bed? Up off the couch I jumped. Quickly and curiously I went to his room. Something of some small importance to know here about our dear Hugo, is that whenever he leaves his room during sleeping hours, nap or nighttime, he always closes the door behind him. Once in the hallway I had a clear view of His bedroom door being neatly shut but would I find him behind that door??? Nope. Not there, his bed was empty. I was a little nervous then. I had ignored him tonight and never knowingly let him roam like this before. Just as the alarm was about to sound in me, I spied that our bedroom door was shut. Cesar and I don't shut our bedroom door. Hugo had left a clue. But I must say here, at this point, that the alarm had not been fully disarmed in my brain so that when I opened my bedroom door I threw on the overhead light for a quick scan of the room. And I must also admit here, publicly, that I did not make my bed this morning. I really do love a made bed and my bed usually is made up so nicely, really. The quick scan of the room didn't help much because the bedding was a disaster, all bunched up in places. Quickly toward the head of the bed I went. There it was, a tuft of hair and a bit of a precious hand poking out from under the covers. Alarm fully disabled, kick in loving, cuteness sweeping over my heart. I felt I must quickly retrieve my camera from downstairs and take a picture before he woke. So, I ran down the stairs and then I ran up the stairs and Hugo hadn't moved one bit. I snapped the first shot and then slowly peeled back the comforter to get a better view. He didn't throw his arm over his eyes because of the light, that's how he was sleeping under the comforter. I then scooped him up and snuggled him close to me for a brief minute before walking him back to his room and bed.

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Millie Price said...

so cute, i love moments like this. they are like pay day for a mom!