Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Knitting

For Michelle's baby boy, I have chosen to knit a vest which will have a zipper, pockets and a hood, in a six-twelve month size. I have also decided to stripe the vest and have brought in a soft caramel color of the same yummy merino and cashmere yarn. This yarn feels so wonderful running through my fingers! I got it from School Products awhile ago. Using the stash, using the stash, making the Hubby proud! Nearly all the projects that I have knitted for the past, I can't believe it but, two years have been on size two and three needles. This vest is rapidly coming together on lovely size seven needles. So now my faith in completing all the baby garments is restored. It will happen and I will still have elbows and wrists attached when they've all been washed, pressed, wrapped and sent away.

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Rachel G. said...

What a fabulous site you created. The beautiful pictures leap from my screen and your words convey your sweet and gentle nature. I look forward to reading more......thanks!