Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Do List

Our Sunday is almost over. The new week is upon us and it looks to be a busy one. There is yard work - always more yard work to be found. I want to have some photos printed for gifts, that means a trip to Sam's Club. The Young Women are still preparing for their YW in Excellence night. They need quite a bit of prodding to finish their videos up. Wish me luck. We also have a first aid clinic to attend this Saturday to prepare the girls for Camp this summer. I hope they all show so we wont have to plan a rain date. There is painting to be done inside the house. The cement on the veranda needs to be sealed. The front and back doors need to be cleaned and painted. Let's see, what else? The summer clothes are needed from the attic. The winter bedding, sweaters, coats and hats all need to be washed and sent up to the attic. Cesar finally hung the curtain rods in our new kitchen for me. I have been dying to make curtains and now the time is here. I'm sure we'll have a playdate or two mixed in somewhere. But no reading for me! Only knitting and only in the evening.

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