Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Photos

We woke to a light sprinkling of rain this morning. Rodrigo and Annabelle didn't need any coaxing at all to go out and potty, thank heavens. Maybe two hours later I happened to glance out the window and low and behold, it was snowing! Massive, fluffy flakes were falling as quickly as they could past the window. I was completely surprised. Hugo was at my side, I lifted him up so we could talk about the snow. He loves to say the word snow, but it sounds about the same as his other fave, no. A bit stretched out on the o sound. I dialed up Cesar but no snow was falling in Manhattan. He suggested I take Hugo out to play but we were already preparing for friends to come over. Then as quickly as it appeared, the snow returned to rain. The decision was made for us. We would remain indoors for the day.

The photos I am sharing are both from last week. The first was Sunday, Easter afternoon. We were at Cesar's parents in Providence. It was Hugo's first egg hunt and he was a natural. He passed up containers of bubbles, pixie stixs, chocolate bunny suckers and Old Maid cards I had randomly strewn in the grass. His only interest was the egg. He had no idea that there happened to be candy and small toys tucked inside. He simply wanted the eggs. All colors, any color, it didn't matter. Just eggs. Joining in on the hunt were two of his older Baptista cousins, Charles and Sofia. They were both super in making sure that Hugo had fun and had plenty of eggs in his basket. Very nice. My second photo was taken this past Thursday in our yard. I chose this to share because my son looks so free to me and that all is possible for him. The world is within his reach. I think the life trick here, is that as he matures, we must remember to not get in his way so much.

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