Saturday, March 29, 2008


The sun shone down upon us today which encouraged Hugo and I to play outdoors all day. How nice! Only one small puddle was left for Master Hugo to jump in and yet he still managed to go through three pairs of pants and two pairs of socks. He was simply a disaster by the time Cesar came home.

It wasn't all play outdoors for me. It was yard work disgusied as play for Hugo which in turn, became play for me. I always forget how exciting those first few spring days can be while working in the yard. The winter winds and snow were very hard on the trees this year. Large limbs to small branches and twigs were everywhere. Our cedars and lilacs sustained the most damage. I thought I would rake a small area of new grass free of a light covering of burnt orange pine needles, pine cones and other debris. I ended up raking the grass, flower beds, a portion of the gravel driveway, the grass in front of our house and two brick staircases. I made Cesar walk the yard with me so that I could toot my own horn loud and proud! Now I need a good, long soak in a hot tub.

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