Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Rainy Day

Today is a pajama day. Outside the rain is coming down and the chill goes to my bones as I open the door for the dogs. I have to use my mean voice to get Bella to venture out past the waterfall that is pouring from the roof. We have no gutters. She quickly pees and tries to run back inside without my noticing but I'm on to her naughty girl dog ways. I know she has yet more business to finish out there. Rodrigo on the other hand takes his sweet natured time leaving me to shiver in the half opened doorway.

I wish that today really would be a pajama day but no, it is Playdate Friday. One of the mothers called around yesterday to make sure we were all coming. We meet at our church during the cold of winter and on rainy summer days too. There is a gymnasium inside where the children can ride on toys, holler, play tag, holler,and toss balls around while yet hollering somemore. They eat their lunch in the gym. Sometimes they will eat their lunch. Usally they check out what all their friends have got and never eat a drop their own mother prepared for them. You know how the grass is always greener ... I wonder if we should'nt simply set up a "food table" where we could orderly dump all the lunches for the kids. Cheese sticks in one area, fruit in another, then sandwiches, and yogurt, cracker jacks, Pirate Booty, cookies, etc could round it all up at the end. Oh, we would also need a spot for their tippy cups and juice boxes. I suppose with that effort the children would then want what had been theirs to begin with!

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