Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Little Beans

I took this photo a few weeks ago in my Mother-in-Law's garden. I've been holding onto it, saving it for some sorta pretty post. Today is the day to share it with you because, I'm gonna talk about my girls.

I had another ultrasound at the doc's office today and got to see the girls. Oh, and yes, they are still girls! I asked the ultrasound lady to check their genders once more because my brain is still partly in denial. With all the stores in full sale mode, in spite of my doubts, I've purchased a few outfits for next summer. In the back of my mind, on delivery day I've imagined that one girl and one boy are still gonna pop out. I've saved the sales receipts wondering if I'll be making exchanges. The ultrasound today was pretty clear that the babies in my tummy are both girls. Would somebody please tell my imagination to settle. Girls, girls, girls, I am having girls. Two of them.

The girls are in a "T" formation within my womb. Baby A, as the Doc refers to them, is vertical, feet down. Baby B, is horizontal and she has been for the past month and a half. Since she is so comfy in that position, I am trying to prepare myself for the strong possibility of a c-section. Don't get me wrong, I do not want a c-section by any means. I am simply trying to prepare myself that this could very likely be my birthing reality all too soon. I'd like to avoid a personal meltdown in the delivery room in front of a load of strangers if at all possible. I've never broken a bone, I can't imagine being cut open like that. The Doc asked, if the c-section does happen, would I want my tubes tied at the same time? He said my uterus would already be out (out?!, oh my!) and it would only be a matter of clamping off two tubes. I do not want my tubes tied. I'm not sure that I'm in a state of mind to think clearly about the possibility of another pregnancy in my future, but I want my options open. Plus, it has been so difficult for Cesar and I to make a baby on our own that if it happened, I'd feel it was meant to be. My fingers and toes are all crossed that Miss Baby B will get with the birthing program and begin to turn, head first, southward and not be so stubborn, like her Momma.

Not much of a surprise due to the size of my abdomen, I learned that the babies are both growing at very healthy rates. Baby A weighs 1 lb 11 oz and Baby B weighs in at 1 lb 13 oz. Good weights for a singleton pregnancy, awesome news for twins. I pray each day that the babies will have a chance to grow big and strong within my body before they arrive out into the world. I hope to be blessed with babies being discharged the same time as myself from the hospital.

*p.s. - I believe we are narrowing in on names. They have changed a bit recently and I'm not sure that Cesar is on board with my new choices. I've got Hugo chanting them out loud with me. Together, we'll win him over! Still working on the middle names. I've wanted one daughter to have a Portuguese middle name after Cesar and our other daughter to reflect my melting pot heritage. My Dad just called and gave me an interesting suggestion from our family tree. We have a Cherokee Indian lady in our southern past. We've known that she went by the name of Puss Dobbs. Very recently a woman helped my father with more info on Ms. Puss, her given name being a part of that our records missing (Puss was her nickname) info. It just so happens to match up with a name I've had rolling about my head for a long while... Prepare yourself Cesar!

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