Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food - Day 3

Muffins have been very popular on my eating list. My current two favorites are the Kellogg All Bran muffins (pictured above with loads of blueberries) and my girlfriend Alissa's banana muffin recipe. I've made the bran muffins for years. I think my mom started making them for us while I was in high school, maybe, possibly?? Anyway, they are good for you and delicious. I like to press sliced strawberries and sprinkle sugar on top before I slide them into the oven. Alissa brought her muffins to a playdate a few months ago and I demanded the recipe from her. She is such a good friend that by the time I drove home, the recipe was waiting patiently for me in my inbox. Hugo has been off bananas of late so we seem to have blackening extras often. Alissa's recipe is fast and oh so yummy and, is a great way to use up those lingering bananas. Hugo and I can't wait for them to cool once out of the oven. We fight over who gets to eat the last one even. I suppose in a few years I'll need to bake a double batch to include the twins in our muffin gorging fun!

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Shaka said...

those bran muffins are good. i've made them a few times since you shared.