Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bed Time by Poppa

Cesar did bedtime tonight.

Hugo came running down the stairs crying. He tattled on his Poppa.

Hugo: (through crocodile tears) Mom Mom, Poppa wont let me brush my teeth!

Me: What?! You go on back upstairs and tell your Poppa to brush your teeth, Momma said.

Me to Cesar upon his return to the living room: Did you really not let Hugo brush his teeth???

Cesar: I thought he was stalling.


Maggie May said...

HA! lol!

love love love the stairs pics--beautiful.

Millie Price said...

I really like the stair way pics too. makes me want to come over for a photo session. I do have to say that while brushing teeth is a bedtime is also used as a stall technique at our home too!

Shaka said...