Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot and Miserable

Sunday found me to be hot and miserable. This sinus cold of mine is lingering and I am uncomfortable. We left church after sacrament so that I could rest. Cesar and Hugo watched baseball and played silly games on the couch. I tried to knit. I tried to sleep. I tried to be anything but the hot and miserable that I was.

Sheri and Paul needed their car battery charged and knocked at the door in search of tools for borrowing. We three ventured outside to the shed. The sunshine was beautiful. It reminded me of last August. How the summer days are quickly ticking by and I have hardly photographed any flowers. How with the late summer days slipping past last year, I feared and wondered what I might possibly take pictures of, or write about, with the approaching short, dark days of winter. This year, this August, I am happily lost in my missing calendar days. Can't wait for fall and it's exciting promises. I feel sorry for Hugo that he hasn't had as much pool time or playdate magic this summer as last. It has been the summer of the rain. I am so completely excited for this coming late fall and early winter to arrive! Oh, many rooms in the house need to be sorted, there are big purchases to be made and the ever expanding to-do list emptied, but I am excited. Our family is going to change so very, very much. I still can't hardly believe it's happening.

Our Hugo will be a big brother.

A women told me today, that he needed an "I'm a Big Brother" t-shirt. What came to my mind, was one of those "2 Sisters for Sale" shirts! I think it's more our Hugo's speed.

Hugo loves his Poppa.

I'm curious how the sharing of his Poppa will go. I wonder if Hugo and his Poppa will begin enjoying more alone time together while I stay at home with the girls. I'll miss our dump runs. Isn't that silly? Who would ever think that I'd miss a trip to the dump? But I will. We five wont fit in the truck all together until the kids are out of car seats. That's a looooong time from now!

I love my two boys. One tall and one short, both are strong and brave.

Here we three are this Sunday afternoon. The boys looking sunny and happy and I looking very much the hot and miserable that I feel. Yet inside, I feel very happily lost in the countdown to our expanding family. Can't wait!


Millie Price said...

my allergies are bad right now too...i'm miserable. cute pics.

KristyKay said...

Lots of wonderful memories and smiles here. The heat will be gone soon, hold on.