Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food - Day 2

I found this recipe for swedish hotcakes recently on the blog Tangled and true. They looked so lovely and reminded me of the crepes which my brother-in-law Rafael makes for his children on Saturday mornings. He even makes up fancy syrups... My mouth is watering remembering the experience of cooked apples, sliced ever so thinly, smothered in maple syrup. Wonderful! Anyhoo, I've been afraid to try crepes. They seemed so delicate and possibly problematic for my spatula flipping in the kitchen skills. But, are swedish hotcakes the same as crepes? I dunno. I looked up Ms Julia Childs recipe for crepes, which she refers to as dessert crepes or crepes sucrees. Her recipe is pretty similar but, she wants you to wait at least 2 hours for the batter to rest. Come on Ms Julia. Our stomachs are a growling over here! At least mine is. Long story short, I'm stickin' with Tangled and True's recipe. It whips up in a snap and the hotcakes cook up fast and are very easy to flip! I like the hotcakes because they haven't left me feeling bloated and slugish as regular pancakes do. I also like the fact that its okay that the swedish hotcakes are a bit cool by the time you eat them and that they're still delicious. I feel with pancakes that I'm flipping and flipping for Cesar and Hugo and end up eating alone or just as I dig in they suddenly want more. Who wants a cold pancake? Not me. Hugo ate 5 of these swedish hotcake babies, with a pile of sliced strawberries and blueberries on the side, this past Sunday night. A winner in our house I tell you, a winner.


Lora said...

i wanna eat with you!

cally said...

oh my gosh. I grew up with crepes and strawberries with whipped cream. Or nutella. OH nutella.

I'm hungry.

Shaka said...

we love crepes. we make them for the kids pretty often-usually at their request. our recipe doesn't require the 2 hour wait but i have seen ones that do and i agree-not interested in waiting. we love jams and whipped cream and yummies like that on ours. i also agree about the hot pancakes. i pour and flip and feed everyone and then i warn them that the next batch is mine. they know that that means i'm going to sit down and eat while they are still steaming so that my butter melts and mixes with my syrup just perfectly! i will not tend to anything when it is my turn to eat.

same thing with my cereal, i like my cereal crunchy, so once i pour my milk they have to wait-i'm eating!