Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Night Wrap-Up

Hugo has enjoyed lots of time with play pals this week.

Cesar has worked crazy hours
and had a crazy schedule
of working with many crews
and many locations
this past week.

I survived the heat, my stuffed up nose, my broken down car ac and my young women's sleepover here at the house last night. Whew! Hugo loved being a part of the party. He showed off and copied and listened and eventually crashed on the sofa around eleven-thirty pm. Gabby carried him upstairs and helped me tuck him in. As I made breakfast for the girls early this morning he found me in the kitchen. Hugo hugged my legs tight and told me that he was very sleepy. We enjoyed a lazy afternoon of convalescing about the house. Oh, and tidied up the place a bit. Bring it on weekend! We're ready for ya!


Shaka said...

thing 3 is begging to play with hugo. and after playing at your house she told me she wants to live in a house on top of a rock and that hugo has great toys. she wants to buy your house when you move because she thinks the toys will stay there.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Little Miss 3 is welcome any time for a playdate! Hugo is so hung up on her that you musn't ever, ever move away from us!