Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hugo's Dream

I woke this morning to the rustle and shake of Hugo climbing into our bed, it was 7:27 am. I was so comfy under my sheets that all I managed to do was roll to face Hugo who was now in the middle of our bed. He was silent, facing me on his side and through the slits of my sleep heavy eyes, I spied his smiley face. I pulled up the covers around him and held my breath for an additional 30 minutes of stillness and silence. "No more eye contact!" I yelled internally to myself. It was working... yes, oh yes dreamland open your gates for me once more, the short one has fallen back to sleep! Then a smooch landed upon my lips. It was really sort of a peck kiss, quick like. I ignored it. Three more smooches hit my mouth before I pried open one eye to look about. There Hugo was on his side. Still silent and smiley. Finally I said good morning to our son. He was so happy!

Cesar decided to jump out of bed first. As he descended the steps to water the dogs and toss out Evie the cat, I overheard a sweet verbal exchange between Hugo and his Poppa.

Hugo: Poppa I dreamed.

Poppa: Oh yeah, what happened?

Hugo: I promised Jesus.

Now what exactly Hugo promised to Jesus I have no idea but his words sure warmed my heart.


Audra said...

Beautiful. Children are so amazing.

KristyKay said...

I would have liked to hear the rest of that conversation!

Shaka said...

that's sweet.

Maggie May said...

sweet !!