Thursday, August 27, 2009

Itchy Fingers

I've got the bug to knit and it's a good thing because I have a lot of knitting to accomplish before this winter arrives. The little socks above are for the girls. They're cashmere and a little on the big side but will shrink when washed as the cashmere blooms. It's strange to think that I have 1.5 socks completed and still have 2.5 left to be knit to cover all the new baby toes. I think I'll knit the next pair at the same time on one needle to see if that saves any time. Oh, plus another larger pair must be knit to warm our Hugo's toes. I am thinking of sewing some suede to the bottom of his and turning them into mukluks.

This diamond patterned swatch is a sweater for Hugo. He has been watching me make things for the girls and pipes up how he wants a sweater too. He wants a blue one. I hope to have it finished soon so that he can wear it on the first chilly morning of preschool. They mailed out a letter with all sorts of information like no backpacks, this made me sad. I was all excited to send him off to school and watch him march away from me with his little back pack in place. His nursery school wants everything to be labeled, sweaters, jackets, boots, sneakers - you name it, they want it labeled. Where should I look for labels?

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K May said...

Most times I write their name or initials on the inside tag.