Monday, August 10, 2009

Food Temptations

The beginning of this pregnancy found me craving fruit. Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Simply could not get enough of fruit and a good green salad. Oh, and eggs. I ate tons of eggs. Omelettes, egg salad sandwiches and shrimp salad loaded with eggs. Yum, yum! Then I moved onto a quiche faze. More eggs please! I'm forgetting to mention about my love affair with potatoes. I've eaten a whole lot of fried potatoes. I've bought bags and bags of potatoes like they were going out of style. I like them mashed but, I've wanted them fried. Haven't had them in awhile though... With Hugo I craved shrimp and oranges like mad. I drove Cesar crazy with my desire for the delivery man to peddle over some delicious Shrimp Pad Thai - nightly.

My weight gain has been right on track, so far. The doc is pleased and so are my hips. These past two or three weeks have seen me fall off the strictly healthy food wagon, big time. It's awful! All I really want to eat are chocolate bars with bits of almond and toffee in them, caramels, Panara's chocolate croissants, cookies, cake, sweet rolls, caramel rolls, sticky buns, orange pull a parts, Pepperidge Farm's apple turnovers, fettuccine alfredo, and a juicy steak, cooked the perfect medium rare, with loaded mashed potatoes. I do still crave fruit but it has most definitely taken a back burner to all the bad stuff which I want to stuff my face with.

I thought I'd share some new found favorite recipes tonight and through this coming week, some good for you and others to be enjoyed in moderation! Tonight I made Julia Child's Quiche Lorraine. Hugo and I gobble this up fast!

Earlier today we had a playdate at the park. We had a great time but summer's heat finally hit our spot of the earth today. After an hour or so of play, we decided to move our little play party to the kiddie pool. As the afternoon rolled along, a string of meltdowns occurred and for the most part were ignored, being chalked up to the heat and the children's missing naps. When the time came for us all to part company, not a complaint was heard from the kids. Everyone was content with the length of our outdoor time and ready to head for home. Once inside our house, Hugo ran up to his room to play with his cars while I headed into the kitchen to prepare our quiche. We ate, cleaned up, had a little sandbox time and then headed upstairs to wash in the bath. Hugo dressed himself in his pajamas, mostly by himself. After our prayer, we read The Last Basselope One Ferocious Story by Berkeley Breathed and had lights out. I haven't heard a peep from upstairs since.


Alissa said...

oh my goodness! i craved potatoes big time when i was pregnant. i found this awesome recipe to cook them in the microwave, then smash them, drizzle with evoo, salt and paprika and roast in the oven for like 20 minutes. man, i ate so many of those. my hips did not appreciate it... anywho, sounds like you guys had a fun day!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Alissa - I need more details. I must cook those micro potatoes like, now.

Lora said...

that quiche looks WONDERFUL. thanks for the recipe link. i'm doin' it. i'm not prego, but i like to eat like i am!