Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Weekly Adventure

Cesar was home today and we three headed down the road and over the hills to the dump. Our dump has it's pretty side and it's not so pretty side, just like most things in life I suppose. It sure does make our son happy to visit the dump. He loves running from station to station with his Poppa tossing garbage bags, cardboard and busting glass bottles to smitherines. Hugo's Poppa even lets him sit on his lap and "drive" the truck from the garbage station area to the recycling end while Momma knits and tries to not make eye contact with the frightened fellow dump attendees. Pure heaven for a 3 year old boy.

We've briefly held a membership to our local YMCA. We've not used our membership privileges hardly at all. It seemed that Hugo's swim lessons and all the classes which I was interested in were extra. I didn't want to pay extra on top of our family fee. Last week Saturday I cancelled our membership but the cancellation process lasts 30 days to be valid in their system. Cesar suggested that we swim today after our dump run and so we did. Hugo loves being in the water. I don't care much for the Y pool because the water is freezing to my body. I bounce back and forth from the jacuzzi to the pool trying to find the right temperature. I must admit that I like our local kiddie pool best. It is just right for me.

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