Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life Without a Car

Now that the twins genders have been revealed, baby knitting is in full swing. I'd like some baby sewing to begin also but... one project at a time. I recently finished a sweater for my friend Michelle's baby girl due this coming Thanksgiving. I loved the pattern so much that I am repeating the design for my own two little girls. That sounds weird - my own two little girls. Something I still need to get used to I suppose.

Yesterday Hugo had his first snip snip with a real pair of scissors, namely my sewing scissors. I was in the kitchen preparing our pizza dinner when he burst into the room wanting anxiously to show me something. He held up two of his Diego animal match game cards and declared triumphantly that he had ripped them. Ripped them?? I told him that this was not happy news and that it actually made me sad. He looked confused and that's when I took a closer gander at the Diego game cards and realized that they were very, very neatly ripped. They had been cut! Uh-oh. We went into the living room together to investigate. Hugo loves these dumb cards so I was surprised at how happy he was over two of them now being sliced through the middle. We had a talk about how his snipping actions were naughty and that he had hurt his cards. After a while he said he was sorry. An hour later, I discovered Michelle's baby sweater half way up the stairs with a little hole cut between the shoulder blades. Hugo was on the step right behind me. I bent to pick up the sweater to further inspect it. A little cry of, "Oh nooooooooo!" escaped my mouth and Hugo hugged my leg and said, "Sorry Mom." in a very little voice. He has been such a good toddler that I was in a bit of shock. I knew it was also partly my fault for leaving my sewing scissors out. I guess we both learned our lesson, I hope.

Today as Hugo napped, I stretched out on the couch for a snooze of my own. Or at least I thought he was napping... From somewhere deep in my dreamland I heard my sons voice call downstairs to me that he needed his hands washed. What?! Hands washed? What?! With yesterdays snipping new still fresh in my mind, my eyes opened wide, my heart began to race with wonder and my feet flipped us up and off the couch and on up the stairs lickity split. Hugo was waiting for me with his hands behind his back. "Show me, show me your hands right now Mister." One clean hand and another dyed bright fuchsia appeared, along with a big grin across his little face. Markers. I hate markers. I used to adooore markers. I miss those days.

I was able to finally pick up my car from the fix it man late this afternoon. Hugo and I both are in dire need of a playdate or time at the pool or an afternoon at the park, something.

It hasn't been all bad, there have been some sweet moments between us. Earlier today, Hugo was playing in his sandbox out on the veranda. He hollered for me to come quick, that he needed to tell me something. Outside I ventured. Hugo wiggled his pointer finger up and down and motioned for me to bend down close as he whispered he had a secret to tell me. I played along and bent down near his short body. Hugo wrapped one arm around my neck and the cupped my ear with his hand as he whispered, "I love you Momma." in my ear. It was lovely. The best secret ever.

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Maggie May said...

I bet Hugo is trying to copy you. I clearly picture both you and Mom holding the delicate scissors and snipping away as you knit. Hugo was just trying to do the same action as you, yes? Maybe? :)

Wow, 2 girls! Very cool. Too bad about the long day in NYC and then the car trouble. No fun.