Sunday, June 29, 2008

We Went to the Movies!

Cesar's choice was to see Wall-E and I'm so glad we did. This imperfect and out of date robot will have your heart in mere seconds. It is a lovely love story. Hugo stayed awake for the entire movie! Shocker! He enjoyed seeing Wall-E in the lobby on our way out. His face lit up at the cardboard figure. We'll be adding this one to the ever growing dvd collection in our house.


Millie Price said...

I'm so glad you saw it. we really want to go, so i'm glad it's living up to all the rave reviews!

Lizzie Bingham said...

Wall.E was Keegan's first movie... not that he saw much of it as he was sleeping but Mom and Dad sure enjoyed it. We've been sayinh "Whoa" to each other.