Friday, June 13, 2008

Early Mornings in Bed

Most mornings now I wake to find Hugo has crawled into bed with us. Sometimes he wakes me in the process of climbing up and sometimes because he pats my face with his hand while standing next to my side of the bed. Sometimes as I wake and begin to stretch and roll over to check the time on my alarm clock I'll find him there asleep clutching his worn out blanket. Sometimes he is wide awake and playing with cars or looking at books. Sometimes if his Papa has left his bag of peanuts out the night before he'll bring one or two of them to us. Once he spies me with my eyes open his face brightens and he says, "Mama!". So nice to hear. I have been trying for months to get him to say good morning but no such luck. Sometimes I am amazed at how much he has hauled up onto our bed while I slept soundly away. The other morning I woke to find the bed covered with just about every car, truck, fire truck, ambulance you name it, that Hugo owns. How did he do that? How many trips did he make between his room and our own?

When he was new and small I would take pictures of him in our bed. I found that after that first morning nursing the light was soft and perfect as it streamed through the window onto our bed. I kept the camera on my nightstand during those early days. Some of those lounging about morning shots are my very favorites of baby Hugo. Then with all the crawling and exploring that soon followed the camera was moved elsewhere from my very interesting to Mr Hugo nightstand.

I have started to keep the camera next to my bed again. I have kicked myself enough for not having the camera near by. The photos here were taken in the early morning. I woke to find him waiting patiently for me. It was raining out and there wasn't much light. The funny puckered up lips photo of Hugo is not his attempt at an early morning smooch. He was choo chooing for his favorite Thomas train he wanted me to play with.

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