Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Poppa, Hugo And The Snake

I tried to enlist Cesar as a guest blogger tonight. He said that it sounded like a good idea.... For the future that is. Tonight his eyelids are too heavy - wah wah wah! I thought he'd have fun telling his story about catching the snake for Hugo. But I suppose, I'll just have to tell our snake tale my way.

The big highlight of catching and playing with this snake that Poppa found tonight, was that it pooped all over the two of them! Not just any poop but very stinky snake poop! Poppa's hands were covered. Hugo took a poop blast straight to the chest (How is that even possible you might be asking yourself??, well, just stop. Don't ask. Chalk it up to Life with Cesar. I changed Hugo's clothes before these photos were taken by the way.). His right arm and one of his bug boots also got it good. Cesar asked if I was game to hold the poopy snake and I answered with a big resounding, "No Way Jose!" Hugo did like the snake but I did not consider keeping it to share with our playdate friends.

When the time came to release the snake Hugo just about had a cow. This surprised us because it wasn't his first opportunity of poking at a snake. Poppa has caught at least two other snakes for Hugo to poke at. Each attempt at letting this oh so special stinky poop snake go was met by cries of fury from Master Hugo. Poppa would quickly trap and scoop up the snake and thennnn release the snake, and trap the snake and release the snake and trap the snake. Finally, the snake headed too far off into the bush to be caught, meltdown occurred and into the house for bath time we went. Night, night poopy snake! Fun time in the yard had by all!


DeeJay said...

Love that smile in the last shot. As for the snake. Heck no! Get away from me dude!

Kris said...

He is just the cutest thing! Hugo...not the snake! and Cesar runs a close 2nd....
Anyhow! Best leave the slippery, slimy things to themselves! Your garden looks absolutely beautiful this year. You have done such a great job with it!