Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Great Somersaulting Hugo!

Hugo had a blast at our Wednesday Playdate yesterday. The kids ran back and forth between Amy and Hannah's new swingset and the sandbox. I feel guilty to call the beautiful swingset a swingset because it is so much more than the typical swingset that I grew up with! It has swings, a teetertoter, a climbing wall, a slide, a fort and a picnic area. I was surprised to hear that it was a purchase from Wal-Mart. Didn't know they carried such an item.

It had rained the night before which meant the slide was wet. So was the tall grass which lay between the swingset and the sandbox and the house. The kids could have cared less. A triangular footpath was formed by their running feet between the swingset, sandbox and the house which they all traveled on again and again. They were completely filthy from head to toe by the time we headed back inside. Everyone was stripped down to skin and washed to remove all traces of sand and grass. My quick thinking girlfriend through all the kid clothes into the washer for a tumble. She then began handing out little outfits for all the short naked people running excitedly about her house. The thing is, she only has girls. That means she only has girl outfits. We were happy that our boys are too young to notice. So these very blurry somersault photos of Hugo are showing off his oh so cute girl wear. The pants have little embroidered flowers set in a cluster in the corner of the bottom hem. The shirt has a scalloped edge and a fairy, with a wand, smack dab in the middle of his chest. Girl clothes are just sooo cute. Oh well.

This last picture was taken at another friends house later in the day. I almost forgot that we were invited to a baby shower that afternoon. No time to change! We grabbed our gift bag and out the door we went. Hugo loved, loved, loved their trampoline.

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Shaka said...

crazy hugo-he's so fun!!!