Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cars, Planes, Helicopters annddd Trains!

Summertime and Hugo was only a few months old. One day in particular seemed super hot and uncomfortable. We picked up our friend Jared and headed to the mall to enjoy some cold air conditioning. We walked around and around pushing Hugo in his stroller. At last we found ourselves at Target. After much debating and walking up and down the foreign territory of toy aisles, together we chose this train set for Hugo.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Mr Hugo to be able to play with the train set. The box states that it is for ages 3+, Hugo is now only 2 . . . Cesar has been waiting and waiting and waiting for me to chuck it since the giant train set box seems to travel from location to location throughout our house.

Hugo did pretty well keeping the train cars on the tracks. As he would knock over trees, the post office or clock tower and animal figurines he'd pause and take a minute to right them. Then he'd resume pushing the train and it's cars up and over the bridge and knock something else over. The bridge set up isn't very stable (wish it had been designed a little better) and caused some anxiety in him as it toppled over a number of times. After awhile I reworked the tracks to eliminate the bridge. It worked but wasn't nearly as interesting or pretty. We'll have to keep practicing our play with the train set. I wonder how he'd handle sharing the trains and tracks with another kid?? Might be interesting to watch . . . I'll keep you posted!


Millie Price said...

i loved it when luke used to play with his trains, they were his favorite toy for a very long time. now he rarely gets them out, so sad.

Kris said...

Is it possible the whole arrangement could be attached to a sheet of the Thomas tables? Perhaps he likes moving thisngs about oo much to make them rigid. Just a thought....