Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Words

I've noticed lately how grown up Hugo has become since reaching his 2yr mark. He is changing so quickly into a speaking child. I can almost reason with him at times, almost. The beginnings of reasoning are what is apparent really. But they are there, I can see the wheels turning behind those beautiful hazely eyes of his. I feel a little pressure to do things right by him. Am I reading enough to him? Do I ignore him too much while I run errands, clean, cook, garden?

While driving in the car last night he piped up and asked me "Where going, where going?". I was pretty surprised. It was the first time I had heard him say either word and here he was, lining them up together.

Hugo will now say "I did it!" after accomplishing something or other. As I watch him, I often praise him and say "You did it! Yeeeaaah!" and clap my hands. I really don't think I walk around saying "I did it" after making the bed or loading clothes into the wash or starting the car. Where did he pick up the "I"? Why wouldn't he have said "You did it"?

I am thinking the "I" may come from his time spent with his older friends at our playdates.

Our last Friday Playdate was held at a park along the Hudson River. The restroom which we normally use was under construction. Nearby a port-a-potty had been placed for the use of park goers. One little girl voiced her need of the potty and suddenly all the little girls wanted to go too. It starts early I guess. Well, Hugo followed right behind his friends. One of the other Moms helped each girl in and out of the potty for her turn as we all stood in the doorway and watched. Hugo was right up in front taking in all the potty action. After the last girl finished he went right in for his turn. I didn't take the bite and let him have his moment on the potty. This was the first time he has shown any interest in potty going. I think I need to hire a couple of 3yr olds for the summer to help us potty train quick.

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Millie Price said...

It's so nice when you start to notice them doing things you didn't teach them specifically, but it's also a sign that they're growing up...too fast!