Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Little Frankenstein

Here is one of my typical, everyday blurry photos of my son Hugo. But this photo is not telling you the entire story ... Oh no. This photo happens to be a bit deceiving as to sort of day we had here at the House of We Three.

Now here you start to see the real picture of what our day was like. I do believe the day had promise. Hope of fun and love and happiness and surprise and family was all in the works the night before. It turned out to be a sad, sad day with plenty of long faces and tears and even some good old fashioned blood. Even a doctor aannddd a dentist were involved, these were not planned doctor or dentist visits. This was actually Hugo's first trip to the dentist. It took three adults to hold him down so the dentist could look about in his mouth. Once back in my arms I quieted him down and he went right to sleep. Out like a light.

Later in the day we did get a few tickles in to produce some laughter from Mr Hugo. Played a little hide and seek with a flannel blanket. Had lots of popsickles and applesauce. We even ordered up some chinese. Hugo loves sesame chicken. He filled up his tummy with chicken and broccoli. We gently washed his face, dabbed on some Neosporin and he slurped up some Tylenol. We dressed Hugo in his truck jammies. We started to read a book and within just a few pages he was out cold.

One bright note is that his snipped up shoo sha bothered his lip and he didn't use it all day. They might just be migrating to the trash tonight. Might be.


Millie Price said...

so what happened? did he fall or what? looks like a doozie!

lainakay said...

Ouchie! What did happen? So painful to see your baby gets hurt and then have to hold them down for the doctor. Glad he's okay... he'll heal fast. These munchkins always do!

Lizzie Bingham said...

Good to see him up and about again. Little boys... Cameron used to careen off the couch like it was an exotic cliff-diving spot. Hope he feels better soon!

Kris said...

That was a bad one! I hope that he is feeling better and that you managed to salvage some of your birthday....I will talk to you soon, when you have things more calmed down. Happy Birthday!

Roxi and Eprhaim's Family said...

Ouch! Poor thing!