Sunday, June 29, 2008

Climbing Walls & Slides

We were out looking for sources and information for an insert for our fireplace the other day. The internet supplied a few address and off we went to explore. Low and behold - we arrived at our destination and they happen to also sell play structures, can you believe it?! The fancy schmancy kind! Hugo made a mad dash for them as soon as he was unbuckled from his carseat. So I followed Hugo and Cesar went inside to gathered information on a possible insert for our house.

Once surrounded by the play structures, I think there were eight total, Hugo was in little boy heaven. He climbed up one wall and down the slide he flew and over to the next structure he ran. Over and over the pattern was repeated till we had made a double or possibly even a triple circuit around all eight play structures.

So Hugo climbed.

And he climbed.

Surprisingly he paused and looked about at all the cars and trucks passing by. All we hear from him these days is "What's that?" Sometimes I get so tired of repeating my answers over again and again so I simply turn the tables and ask him, "What's that" and he'll smile and say car or truck or bike (for motorcycle) or his current favorite - tractor.

And Hugo climbed, again.

This structure had a barn on top. Hugo wouldn't go in. The mom that I am, told him that cows and pigs were inside so he should hurry up and go look! Here his arms are stretched forward, palms up, as he explained in half words half gibberish that there were no pigs or cows inside the barn. "No pigs Mama, no pigs." I just thought once inside the barn he'd see the slide and enjoy it, which in the end, he did.

Once more, Hugo climbed.

Hugo has been watching the Backyardigans lately. I can tell that he has been paying attention to the stories because while he spied through the glass and spun the ships wheel he said, "Aaaargghhh!" I couldn't believe it! Made me laugh like silly while I stood there watching him happily play all by himself. Today in church a friend let him play with two horses. He brought them back to me where I was sitting and he said, "Yeeeee Haaaa!" Way to go Backyardigans!

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Roxi and Eprhaim's Family said...

Hugo and Owen must be related? Climbing is also a favorite pasttime for Owen. Just want to give that little Hugo a squeeze!