Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shoosha Snipping

To avoid this picture in the future . . .

Today we were brave, bold even. We held a shoosha round up in the house and snipped the tips off Hugo's pacifiers. Well, all but one pacifier. It is stuffed under my pillow for extreme emergency use only if it doesn't go so well tonight.

Okay, I was not completely brave and bold, a bit chicken really. I do plan on being strong. Holding firm and unmovable as a mountain goat with Mr Hugo and the snipped up shooshas. The shoosha is soooo useful though. It gets me out of meltdown drama all - the - time.

I even used it at the circus yesterday. I left out how Hugo and I had been away from home babysitting all day long. He had almost no nap. He had eaten only small bites of food here and there, wouldn't stop playing with Nicole. We had originally planned on going to the circus today but it ended up working out better for Ruth Ann's family to go last night instead. Out the door we went. Of course our tickets were for the 4:30pm show. Five o'clock rings in the witching hour in our home for Hugo's tummy. I had milk in a thermal tippy cup but no snacks. We bought hot dogs and Hugo devoured his. It wasn't enough. He likes sitting on his chair in front of the kitchen counter. A routine boy he is. Ruth Ann offered Parker's snacks to share but ... nope. Meltdown of backwards headbutting, flaying arms trying desperately to wack me, and furiously kicking little feet happened right there and then in the middle of our perfect ringside seats. The circus management could have hired us to be their missing third ring act. We had a spotlight all our own. Shoosha was eventually inserted and time and sanity were bought. I am an official chicken.

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Cesar said...

Really nice shot at the bottom of the last post. The one with the four shoosha's reflecting on the marble.