Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last of the Baby Days

At nap time today I couldn't resist holding Hugo until he fell asleep. Cool June breezes were ruffling the curtains shading the windows. One of his lullaby cds from his Aunt Millie was quietly playing beside us. I had read a Curious George story while Hugo sat on my lap. I propped my legs up on the footstool and spun him around sideways so we could cuddle for a moment. I tickled his tummy, under his arms and his skinny little neck. We rubbed our noses the eskimo way. Playtime was paused and I slowly began to simply rock us back and forth, back and forth saying, "Ssshhhhhhhh". Before long his eyelids began to drop and flutter. I should have gotten up and carried him to his bed and crept out of the room. I didn't. I just sat there and held him. I thought how I wanted to remember this moment and this last taste of baby days. I carried him into my room and took this photo of us.

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Shaka said...

just enjoy it-especially since that boy is so busy when his eyes are open, i'm sure you don't get to do much cuddling