Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car Happy Boy

Just thought I'd share some pics of Hugo enjoying a few of his many cars. Hugo loves cars and animals. It's a pretty close race between the two of these for his toy affection.

We have been driving Cesar's noisy diesel truck the past week or so. Hugo's engine revving noises have really improved. Another perk about the truck is that he sits higher up in it than he does in my car which allows him to see out and about better. Nearby there is a farm that we drive pass often which has buffalo. He normally hasn't seemed very interested when we see the buffalo. Kinda strange since buffalo are so large and oddly shaped, they have horns and sometimes run around and fight even. How could he not think they were cool?! Now as we drive on by the buffalo he shouts out to them and talks about all the babies that he sees.


Shaka said...

it's so fun to see what kids are passionate about!

lainakay said...

hey! i found your blog through shaka's. love, love, love that top picture of your son. i really want to experiment with brave cropping like that! you've inspired me!

lainakay said...

P.S. my son is an avid vehicle lover, too! he's 9 now and still can't get enough of anything with wheels, tracks or stabilizers (learned those other things from him). we have quite the collection and he still wants more.

we can't claim the animal affection though. he declares that he's not a fan and begs not to go to the zoo unless it's to see fish, which he adores. ???

kids... :)