Monday, June 23, 2008


"The most important thing one woman can do for another
is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities."
Adrienne Rich

Women young and old are my girlfriends. Some are tall, some are short. I have blondes, redheads, and brunettes all backing me. They play with me, know me, support me and inspire me. They help me to see things in myself that I find to be unclear.

Cesar is my husband and is a year older than I am. He is about four inches taller and has naturally wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. Sometimes he plays with me. He knows me and then again, he doesn't know me. He has always supported my love of knitting and designing and pushed me to reach for things which all on my own I would find frightening. He helps me to see things in myself that I find to be unclear and alter or change those things which have been assumed, and even accepted.

We are changing. We are growing. The goal is to stay in tune and connected with one another and in love. I want to love and be loved and to be in love with my husband.

I watched a beautiful program on PBS tonight about the life and love of artist Emile Norman. I admired much of what he had to say about living and loving and being our authentic self. Referring to the home he built with his companion he said, "The house reflects love."

I want our home to reflect love. I want all who walk through its doors to feel that the Lord dwells there also. I want to create an environment in which our son Hugo will want to bring his friends home to play. A place where he'll want to spend time with his parents. A place where our friends and family will want to be. A place where we will forever be drawn to because of it's love. A house, a marriage, a partnership, a friendship and a family which all reflect love.


Shaka said...

really beautiful post, very thoughtful. i too want those things, especially what you said you want your home to be. i want my children to love being home and to want to bring their friends here. and for their friends to feel comfortable and welcome here! anyway.
nice post.

Cesar said...

Are you trying to tell me something?