Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday was Cesar's birthday. We all slept in. I made a big breakfast of sausages, french toast and a fruit salad which we three gobbled down quickly. While eating, Cesar said he had decided it would be nice to buy a tree for his birthday and another for Mother's Day. Since we bought our house we have lost a few trees and have been wanting to plant new trees but for one reason or another, haven't. Once dressed we headed out on a drive through the countryside to a special nursery. We walked all around taking in all sorts of information on trees. How tall, how wide, flowering, fruit, nuts, leaves vs. needles, what color for fall foilage and last but not least would the root ball be in a bucket or a burlap ball? All I knew for sure was that I wanted a dogwood tree. Something pretty to gaze upon this time of year. After being presented with many choices and Hugo running off every chance he could, Cesar decided on two pin oaks for his choice.

The turtle is still a favorite in the yard. Hugo wants to say hello to the turtle when we come outside. He hangs out by the tire. He stuffs everything he can find/fit into the tire. He wants to feed the turtle. Our neighbor Sherry gave us some turtle food. I don't think the turtle knows what "turtle food" is yet, so we have been giving him carrot peels, strawberries, apple slices and spinach leaves. I hope he is eating. He seems to be okay in his tire habitat. It's on an incline so one half holds water which he can swim and hide in. With Hugo around he really does need to hide.

Sunday afternoon was spent mowing the grass, mulching the garden and planting the trees. Hugo was a big helper.


gripcesar said...

Thanks for a great weekend, honey. It really makes a difference when I'm out here on these stormy waves. Your sailor husband.

Millie Price said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CESAR...sister-in-laws aren't supposed to remember brother-in-laws birthdays...right?!!

Their are a few sweet pics of Hugo! I love the one of him on the shovel and also on the tractor with the punk rocker du goin' on. What a cutie!