Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hugo's Bike

Hugo's favorite Vovo wanted him to have a bike for his birthday. Hugo himself has wanted a bike since last summer. When we take Hugo shopping to look at bikes his size he tells us (while holding up his hand and shaking it back and forth), "No, no, no!". The problem is that we, his parents, had in mind a little or some may say small and others may simply refer to it as a beginner bike. Hugo will then leave us behind to climb up the adult bikes. Again comes the "No, no, no!" when we foolishly try to convince him how much more the miniature bmx bike with the training wheels would be appropriate than the giant 10 speed with the flashy handles. This is all Shara's fault. My girlfriend Shara babysat him last summer a few times. When her older boys were out playing in the yard with their appropriately sized bikes Hugo wanted to join in. Shara propped him up on her bike seat, Hugo gripped the handle bars and trooper Shara pushed him around her driveway in loops of circles and zig zags. It formed a lasting imprint on his sponge of a brain. "No wimpy, pint sized bikes for me Momma!", is I'm sure what Hugo is really trying to let me know with his gobblly gook speech. We did buy a bike today thanks to Hugo's favorite Vovo. We also picked out his lovely Hot Wheels bike helmet with the matching elbow and knee pads. They came as a set, so please don't give me a hard time! I've already heard it from Cesar. Plus Hugo digs them. He happily wore the elbow and knee pads right up till bath time. Thank you Vovo! XOXO


Millie Price said...

He's so cute! He seems to be resigned to the fact that he is now the owner of a "little" this true?

Alissa Nicolau said...

Once home and with not another bike to compare it with he has no idea it is "little". He has Rodrigo Syndrome I fear.