Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Family Weekend - Monday Finale

This morning found us all dispersed in many different directions again. Momsha and I went to Savers. A fabulous, marvelous, wonderful second hand store. Last week they sent me an email advertising that on Memorial Day everything throughout the store would be 50% off. 50% off! I bought lots and lots of books for Hugo and some to share with friends. You can never have too many books. I purchased a few other beauties which I'll share with you later in the week. Cesar and Raphael test drove a Mini Cooper at the dealership. Popsha and Hugo watched some cartoons, set up for our bar-b-que and ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

Tio Raphael recently purchased his first motorcycle. He rode it on over to Providence where Cesar and Hugo checked it alllll out. Hugo wanted to play with the helmet really bad. Cesar said the helmet was too small. Tio Raphael said it fit just right.

We enjoyed yummy food and had a warm and breezy afternoon bar-b-que with the Baptista's.

Time to say good-bye. Kisses all around once more. XOXO

Once on the road and with my tummy so full I began to feel sleepy. I was determined to not pass out and that is when the boredom began to set in ....

Okay, okay, okay - Here is something interesting. We are about to travel under the foot bridge of the Appalachian Trail.

Almost home.

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Millie Price said...

Oh, I'm so jealous of the little white bowls you found. They're great, you're gonna have a lot of fun with them.