Sunday, May 25, 2008

Big Family Weekend - Saturday at the Zoo

Vovo took us all to the Zoo today. We arrived early in the morning. I was hoping that Hugo would run himself silly all morning long and sleep like a log all afternoon long! He did great, no meltdowns. To hold Hugo's interest we did have to keep up the pace and move from exhibit to exhibit. He loved the giraffes and the bunny in the farm area best. All the turtles and tortoise received rave reviews with much excitement naturally. A good part of the day was spent on Papa's shoulders. Once down and running away on his own he was pretty wired and was showing off to all who would look his way. While running ahead of us he tripped and went flying. Ended up with some seriously scraped up knees. We were sad that many of the animals were sleeping as we searched for and peered in at them. A few exhibits were closed due to construction and veterinarian visits. I don't think Hugo noticed. I wish he could tell me what he thought of the experience. He did ask us all day long, "What you doing?" and "What's dat?". He has also added fish and garden to his rapidly growing list of words. Papa spied a Dell's cart near the end of our visit. Dell's is a Rhode Island favorite, frozen lemonade slushie-like drink. I like the watermelon flavor and so did Hugo.

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