Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hugo has many friends. He pals around with Crystal, Amy, Hannah, Parker, Kenny, and his best girlfriend Nicole. But all of his little friends are quickly overlooked once any of the big boys enter his world.

Yesterday I went to visit a friend at a hospital in Albany. Her newborn son is not thriving and her family needs a lot of support. Hugo went to play at Nicole's house. I was gone longer than I had planned, it was bed time when I arrived to pick him up. Nicole was already in her footed jammies and was carrying a matching pair in pink meant for Hugo down the stairs as I walked in the door. The older boys, Dallin and Carsten, were running excitedly about dressing for bed and brushing their teeth. Hugo followed them wherever they went. He did pause and run to me for a hug and was off again to follow the boys. After talking with Nicole's parents for awhile I decided we needed to make for home and jump into beds of our own. I went in search of Hugo. He had left Nicole in the dust. As I stood in the door frame of the boys room I spied Dallin and Carsten huddled onto Dallin's bed as Hugo was making to jump from Carsten's bed to Dallin's. The three of them were laughing and laughing and it made me so happy to watch the scene play out in front of me. Dallin piped up at once and said that Hugo could stay the night and sleep with him in his bed. Dallin is eight and very sweet and has no idea how much of the bed a toddler will command. Carsten just smiled and kept his eyes on the terror named Hugo not knowing where he would jump next. Hugo looked right at me, raised his little arm pointing his finger at me and shouted, "Out, Out!". I couldn't believe it the little stinker! I found it hard to not laugh at my short, terror-love son named Hugo. I carried him under one arm like a sack of oats out of the house kicking and screaming. He was asleep in the car before we made it to the end of the street.

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