Friday, May 16, 2008


More rain today. Everyone was late arriving at playgroup. We were also few in numbers. Nicole's mother gave birth to a new baby brother yesterday, they plan to stay in the hospital until tomorrow. Mikell and her Mom went to the hospital to meet baby TJ this morning.

Hugo is very interested by all the babies he sees around him. During our playdate on Wednesday he kept trying to pick up nine month old Hannah. Over and over he tried. I'm not sure if he knows that she is real or a mechanical version of the dollies he plays with while hanging out with the big girls. Baby Brady was at our playgroup today. Hugo wanted him to come out of his car seat and play. Finally he got the drift that he wasn't going to get his way with Brady. He crouched down next to the carrier, peered in and patted his little baby head sweetly. It wasn't that long ago that Hugo was the baby of the group, they still call him Baby Hugo. I remember well the mother's telling their one year olds to be soft with him as they came up to his protective car seat to peak at him while he slept.

It is amazing the change that occurs between birth and the first birthday. Especially now that Hugo is two, he surprises me with how much he comprehends and remembers. He really is like a little elephant remembering patterns, places, toy boxes, candy wrappers, books, and trouble.

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