Friday, May 9, 2008

Playdate Friday

A drizzelly, cool rain fell on us today as we quickly ran outside to the car. Hugo likes to say, "It's cooold" and then will burrow into my arms. A little snuggle where normally there would be none.

We had a playdate at our church building. We saw our friends Parker, Mikelle and Nicole. Hugo ran this way and that. He tossed basketballs around in the gym. He ate his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drank down his apple flavored juice box. Parker pushed him down, over, out the door and stole his ball. They are very good friends. Nicole and Hugo traded their bags of crackers and were spied holding hands. Hugo also pushed around a toy stroller with a dolly tucked inside. He would lift her out now and then and kiss her face over and over. I was surprised by his gentleness let alone intrest.

UPS made a stop at our house while we were out and left packages for Cesar and myself. Cesar is outfitting his wardrobe in anticipation of the European Soccar Cup this summer with new t-shirts and ball caps with Portugal's colors. Back in January my Grandma Marge briefly hooked me on QVC. Very dangerous television channel. I had been watching one evening waiting for a segment on some dishes to come on when they advertised some beautiful plants coming up at midnight. Midnight!? Sucker that I was stayed up, fell in love with some hydranga trees, and placed an order for two. Well, they arrived today. Can't wait to open them up and plant them tomorrow!

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