Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Family Weekend - Saturday

We took pity on Turtle today and set him free. This morning we lazed about in bed awhile deciding on how the morning should play out. Cesar made a dump run. I showered and packed our bags for a weekend trip to VoVo's house. Cesar, Hugo, Bella, Rodrigo, Turtle and I all piled into the car and headed down to our local beach. Cesar had placed the turtle in a purple flower bucket for his second and last ride in a car. No roaming back and forth under the seats this trip. Hugo carried the bucket across the sand and down to the waters edge. Cesar fished Turtle out of the bucket and set him off on his speedy way along the shore line. "Aren't you going to take any pictures for the blog??!", I asked excitedly. "Oh yeah." he answered The above is what we have to share with you of Turtles release back into freedom. Did ya miss him? He's there in the lower right hand corner - look again. The turtle was totally stoked to be back on familiar turf. He dove fast and away like a lead rocket out of our site.

The swans were curious and decided to investigate our happenings in their neighborhood. I thought for a brief moment of opening the passenger door and luring them in with our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Swans would make great playdate pals right?

Okay. So here we are on the road heading toward Rhode Island. I found the sky to be amazing today. We had big billowy clouds all the way across the state of Massachusetts. Normally I watch the trees, bluffs, and farms pass by but today's trip was all about the clouds in the sky for me.

Hugo slept like a champ . . . until we pulled over for gas and burgers.

An active train trestle. No trains spied today.

We arrived safe and sound and thank heavens, with almost no traffic. Kisses and kisses went all around. Then in mere minutes we all dispersed. Hugo headed for the basket of cars and trucks next to the television. Cesar went off on an errand with his father. Rodrigo and Bella rounded the side fence and into the neighbors yard they charged terrifying the timid Chocolate Lab next door. Mad for flowers that I am, I pulled out the camera and headed back to Momsha's garden to check out all things blooming.

Hugo being Hugo, discovered every nook and cranny of the backyard. He chopped down hosta plants with his mini chainsaw. He helped Papa dig a hole in front of the house to plant a Limelight Hydranga tree. Hugo also helped water the new tree and all the pots in front of the house and all the flower pots in back of the house. He then was distracted back to the cars and trucks in the basket by the television. A great start to our Big Family Weekend.

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