Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lilacs and Dreams

After we finished our dinner tonight we all headed outside. Cesar had last minutes of sunlight jobs he wanted to finish while Hugo and I decided to pull on our boots and go smell the lilacs. We all love the wonderful fragrance that is perfuming our yard at the moment. It is sad that their season is so short. Our driveway is lined in lilac trees and I feel like a queen of old as I walk under their purplely petals and drink in their summery scent. A little dramatic I realize but their beauty inspires me!

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration - where does it come from? what does it all mean? I have met and lurked around in blogs of some truly inspiring women recently. They have given me the kick in the pants that I have been needing. I am still not certain in what direction I am heading but it is all busily percolating away in my brain. I have been dreaming. I have been creating and making and doing in my dreams. Something wants to come out. Something is waiting to take me off on some new life avenue of adventure. For me to write it down here is admitting to it. I have been trying to talk about it with my husband and sisters and a few girlfriends but I don't know . . . I'm not there yet. I can feel it before me like a carrot on a fishing line tempting the stubborn donkey who is pulling the laden cart. I am very, very curious and must admit to being a little excited by it all!


Kris said...

My what pretty flowers. I can almost smell them right through the photos. Mine are tight little buds yet and with our temps still so chilly I doubt they will be out for weeks. A few yards have some beautiful forsythia, rare in WI these days, standing out like sore thumbs.

gripcesar said...

Love you, babe. Follow those dreams so that they become realities. Call me.