Thursday, May 1, 2008

Out of Focus

Okay, I realize that this photo has a few problems. Some not so pretty issues, such as the focus for starters. But I like it. I like it a lot and I'd like to share with you why. I love that Hugo is shorter than the countertop. For how much longer, I wonder? That grody looking smear on his pajamas at the top of his legs is from our dinner. We dug more holes in the garden today. Lots and lots of holes. We were both pretty smelly and dirty when we finally called it quits. So, we washed up and put our jammies on before making dinner. I chose a quick meal of ravioli, Hugo is crazy about ravioli! I wondered for a brief second if it wasn't the smartest choice for dinner since we were all clean but ... ravioli it was. Now that Hugo is 2 he has decided that he is through with his highchair and bibs are not for him. No way. So, that is how the grody looking smear ended up on his pajamas. No highchair, no bibs allowed, and no napkin accepted until after he dropped the tomato sauce soaked pasta on his leg and freaked. Once all was swiped up he finally agreed to the napkin. Kept patting and straightening it over his little legs even. I like this photo because Hugo is so happy with his balloons. Hugo loves balloons and I love that he can say the word balloon, sounds more like "boon" though. I was very impressed that he could manage to grasp the ends of three balloons at a time with his little fingers. Part of that smile on his sweet face is due to us playing a game with the camera. I encouraged him to run to me and then quickly turn and run back to the cupboards. Easily entertained and distracted, thank heavens! I love this blurry photo and I'm glad that I could share with you my reasons why.


knitting dragonfly said...

I love the photo. It is one of the pictures that years from now when you look at it, it can bring back that very moment! It captures him and makes me smile.

Roxi May said...

Hi Ali, Cesar, and Hugo!
We liked your photos too!
Daphne, Harry, Owen, and Daisy say hello! They would really love Hugo to come and play with them. Daphne wants to tell Hugo that he is soooooo cute! We are going to try and start a blog if I can get with it. Our site is
Love you guys!