Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping

What is it about jumping that children find so appealing? I do remember the days of jumping on my bed. I can clearly remember my father walking into my room and telling me to stop. That I would never be able to have a princess canopy bed that he knew I so desperately wanted if I continued to jump on my bed. I did stop jumping but I never did get the princess canopy bed. In grade school we used to play hopscotch during recess. I believe that hopping on one leg from square to square is a fancy form of jumping. My favorite babysitter of all time was Lisa. Lisa jumped rope. She was in high school and I did whatever Lisa did. Sometimes she would have me stand facing her, count to three and then she would swing the rope. We would jump together inside the circle created by her jump rope. In the fourth grade I participated in Jump Rope for Heart. I was on a jump rope team and we went around our neighborhoods to gather sponsors and a pledge of money. We jumped rope for twelve hours or something, all the while rotating team members. I got a Jump Rope for Heart sweatsuit out of it and was very proud of myself. Fifth grade on the playground was all about double dutch jumping and the great jingles that went along with the jumping. I never learned to dive. I was a huge scaredy cat. Jumping cannonball was more my style while playing at the pool. Trampolines are great fun for jumping. I could never do anything fancy. No gymnastic tricks from this girl. But I would jump. Jump all day and all night long if they had let me. In college some of my friends caught the crazy of bungee jumping and loved it. I drew the line there. The scaredy cat that I am never, ever made an attempt at bungee jumping. During the first few years of our marriage Cesar would talk about jumping out of a plane, tandem with an instructor harnessed to our backs. What was he thinking? Did he know me, his scaredy cat wife at all?? I didn't make a big fuss and just as I hoped the phase of interest in skydiving has quietly passed. Jumping, jumping, jumping. What is it about jumping?

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