Monday, May 5, 2008

Garden Time

The flower garden is coming along beautifully. It fills me with real joy as I spend time pruning and weeding within it. I can remember the days when my Mother would announce from somewhere near the back door that she was going out to the garden and requesting volunteers. Once we heard her words we would all vanish from site as quickly as possible not wanting to get stuck weeding all afternoon. Now I think she made her announcement as loud and vague as she did knowing that it would buy her some much needed alone time away in her weeding paradise.

Hugo is getting the hang of the stone paths finally. I think it helps that the plants are becoming taller and filling out, he is understanding their boundaries. Although today, he ran right through the echineacea patch and giggled at me while doing so. We just planted salad greens, radish, carrots, green beans, peas, butternut squash, cabbage, zucchini and cucumbers today. With our rabbit and chipmunk population skyrocketing this spring I am somewhat nervous of what kind of harvest we will end up with. I suppose the main idea is that Hugo and I are having fun. I don't mean to wish away any of my toddler days with him but I am looking forward to next summer. I imagine he might begin to really get the whole garden thing and be just as excited as I am to see the plants sprout from the earth we worked together. Maybe next year the echineacea patch will be safe from his little camo boots.

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