Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today's Favorites

My favorites of the day are all in pink. To begin with, our desert tonight was Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream. I'm rather odd and wish there were no chocolate chunks within this creamy ice cream desert. Simply more yummy cherries smashed and swirled in the pale pink cream!

Little girl bathing suits. Why oh why, are swim suits, shoes, slickers and wellies so sweet looking when they are so very little? If this suit were my size it would not nearly be as sweet on me as it is on this little girl. Why? Why, why, why?!!!

Cotton candy colored clouds. Yum!

Weeds. I'd love to claim this blushing pink, budding bloom as something precious from my perennial garden - but it's not. It is a weed. I happened across this pinky bloom on an edge of our property while walking with Mr Hugo an evening or so ago.

My last photo is not pink, although it is a favorite. It is green and sorta purple, or "purkle" as Hugo would call it. I just couldn't resist sharing.


hooli said...

Pretty gorgeous pics. Thanks for leaving me another comment -- even longer this time. You crack me up with your lurking confessions. Everyone does it. You're good to drop a note, too.
I'll be coming back to your blog, if for no other reason to learn a few things about photography. Thanks for the inspiration.


KristyKay said...

Really wonderful photos dearie. I wish I could do close-ups as well. dad's camera doesn't understand the concept! I know...I know, get your own...I hear ya already.

amy said...

I love the photos, especially the cotton candy clouds. What is with me and illiteration today?

I also think about little girls clothing, I wish I could wear jellies and maryjanes and look as sweet and adorable, but I think the little ones deserve all the attention.

Shaka said...

pretty pics. i so agree about the swimsuit! little girls look great in anything-wish it were true for me!

s.c.j. said...

I wanted to tell you that these pictures are sooo beautiful together. I can't stop looking at them. It's like something out of a dream...