Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Trouble Update

I was up way late last night and somehow or other I got the header and sidebar stuff to return. Thanks Blogger for planning on gals like me! But I don't know why there are gray squares covering parts of my written stuff and Hugo's photo. I tried to copy and paste in the post edits to make a new/old post but it didn't help. Still got the gray squares. Any suggestions? Oh, and I haven't given up on making my two column blog into a beautious three column blog! I think I might have to call Millie later and ask her a few questions first! Wish me luck.

An Update On My Update:
By posting something new it seems that the two big gray squares are gone! This is really weird. I think I need a book or possibly to take a class so I can understand some of this code stuff. Anybody know of a "Blog Code for Dummies" out there???


Shaka said...

good luck! i am the biggest blog dummy their is so i won't help you!

artsyclay said...

There's a site called that has some wonderful information.