Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Last Days of Summer

Our pool days are just about over for this most wonderful Summer of 2008. We are daily soaking up the suns rays into our skin and souls as much as we possibly can in preparation of the coming winter. Good friends who tag along with us to the pool are always a bonus. Oh, and popsickles rank pretty high on our Summer of 2008 good things list. Hugo calls popsickles "pakels". Also sleepin is "weepin" in Hugo land.

Hugo and his pal had fun rolling through the grass and playing games of chase as the sun set upon us. As his friend prepared to leave, Hugo looked at me, began to run in the opposite direction and yelled out to all short people within hearing distance, "Hide!" What a way to warm his Mother's heart, let me tell ya. His little pal invited him to come home with them. Uh oh. He tried to take her up on it and climbed into the car between her older brothers. As I pulled, twisted and stretched his little body to free him from the back seat, he screamed bloody murder. I couldn't make out what he was saying and I'm guessing that's also a very good thing on our Summer of 2008 highlight list!


Audra said...

I tell you Hugo is such a doll. Those big eyes...how will you ever discipline? :)

Your title was sad to me, Last Days of Summer, but it really is. We are going to have a Mom/Daughter shopping day tomorrow, a trip to the local waterpark Friday, and hopefully squeeze in a trip to the zoo next week before Labor Day camping. Then...gulp...pre-school. Summer is over. :(

Shaka said...

he is too funny. she kept asking all the way home if he could come over and then the boys started talking about when he slept over and if he could do that again.

so sad summer is coming to an end! the weather is sure letting us know fall is on its way.

Shaka said...

that is funny that you added that lurk list. i just saw it yesterday on someone's blog.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Your swimming pool allows floaties? Our public pool does not allow anything at all. Those sweet pictures of Hugo and his friend make the heat of summer worthwhile. Cute. Love that girl's golden curly locks. It looks like Hugo likes them too.