Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thrifting Finds

Last week Hugo and I were busy with playdates and excursions in and out of our local thrift shops. We had fun! We've been painting walls and furniture for our new craft room. And yes, Hugo helped. He didn't help in quite the way I had in mind, but he helped... I am in desperate need of organizing my sewing, crafting, knitting, and church supplies. I also want the space to be inviting for Hugo and our Momma School. While walking around Goodwill this lamp hollered out to me, "Please take me home! Please, please, pretty please don't leave me here!" Cesar and I both like orange... I loved the handles... My new craft room is going to be the perfect place to welcome this lamp home!

I love this pink chair. The sun or my camera or maybe a combination of both washed out the pink color. The chair is very comfortable. I don't think it was hardly used at all while living in its previous home. The best part for me is that the arms are low, the perfect height for me to knit away comfortably for hours and hours!

Cesar helped me this past weekend in my new craft room. He wasn't sure where this little tea set should go (I'm not sure myself) so a temporary home this window sill became. I wanted to share it here because my Grandmother Marge Parker gave it to me for my birthday years ago. It was a gift my Great Grandfather Art gave to his wife Marion, or as we all called her, GG. I guess my second cousin Mary has the cups and saucers to match. I wonder if she has matching plates?

This tall cabinet was given to us by my parents. It has traveled from coast to coast with my family! My parents used it in our kitchen when I was little. A huge chopping board slides out from under the display area and is where my Mom rolled out all our sugar cookies - her countertop at the time was made up from many, many small tiles. Come to think of it, her current countertop is still tiled, they're only bigger. Interesting.

This hutch is going to be painted and will offer me much needed storage space in my craft room. Very exciting!

This photo wall is part of our upstairs hall and I love it. Just wanted to share. The frames are all different sizes and styles and are silver, gold and black in color. Pottery Barn would not approve! I've had some of these photos framed up since I left my parents home to travel off to school many moons ago.

This chest was just so lovely. Very clean and sweet smelling inside. A good spot for fabric storage maybe. It will end up being painted.

I have wanted a full length mirror for a long, long time. My days of standing on the edge of the bath tub are over! Hurray!

I can't wait to paint and reupholster these chairs. There were only three though, sad. They are very sturdy and in good condition and were only $5 a piece!

This photo is not recent. It happened back in April or so. Can you take a wild guess as to just whose slippered feet might have been running away from the paint spill??! I wanted to kill him. Hang him upside down by his ankles for a bit at least. I can't remember now if this was the last of the gray color for the kitchen walls or simply primer. I've tried to block it all from memory. Thank heavens the nasty carpet was there to catch it all.

I got this table because it matched the hutch above. I originally thought that finally, I'd have a place for my fancy dishes to live - in the hutch. I l-o-v-e dishes. I could be the next Grandma Marge! Anyway, I also bought this table because it seats 6 with a pop up leaf to then seat 8 comfortably. It's gonna get painted, I just have to decide on a color. I'm thinking dark. Not sure about black, but maybe.

So, I then found this china cabinet and well, it was all over for the hutch. My mind instantly placed the hutch up in my craft room. This giant thing has way more room plus beveled glass doors! When it is painted I plan to switch out the hardware to help update the piece. Does anyone know how much weight the shelves of a piece like this can hold? It makes me nervous stacking the plates and bowls up high and then simply walking away.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Your thrift stores must be amazing. Or you just have outstanding taste...(I know it is the latter). I wish you and your sisters could be by my side to help me out with shopping. All of you have a well trained eye. I love to drool over these pictures. The lamp is awesome! From the pictures of those $5 chairs, they look awesome as they are. Hugo's paint tracks, so cute.

Shaka said...

i can't wait to see it all painted and in it's new home! i love the big china hutch! the glass is so...perfect. you just want to touch it. it's so smooth!

lainakay said...

Love all your finds. It's so exciting to find a previously loved piece and make it your own. It's one of my favorite things to do... recycling at it's "funnest!"

There's an auction barn near me that I used to frequent. You've reminded me that autumn is approaching and it's the perfect time to return to that pasttime!

lainakay said...

Though The Husband would probably disagree as I have a garage full of fabulous finds that I have yet to "make my own!" Just ask Shaka...

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, those are some fabbo finds! And I love the stacked teapot set.

I've had good success painting some furniture black. Anthing I put with it looks good, and a black table would really show off any linens or displays you put on it. We painted a china cabinet black with yellow inside and it turned out great.